Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil

//Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A fantastic blend of estate grown olives. The exquisite flavor will take your food far!

The Leccino trees are sourced from Luca, Italy, and were taken from parent trees in Enterprise Vineyards in Sonoma. They were purchased at an age of two and a half years old and will serve as the cornerstone of the oil program in the future.

The Maurino trees are sourced from Tuscany originally. These clippings were made from the trees Ridgely Evers brought over. They are a hardy, bushy variety, nice for landscaping additions, and make a great addition to the oil program. The 10 planted in 1998 are located along the driveway in front of the winery.

The Pendalino trees are also from Luca originally and were purchased as a special application tree. Known for their size, these trees will make great property line markers along the division of this ranch and our neighbors, the Grills. They also have their place in the oil program with small fruits and large pits, but are not the preferred variety, primarily due to their size, which makes them difficult to harvest if not pruned annually.

Frantoio olives are used about as widely as Leccino olives in most oil programs…sourced from Tuscany these make an outstandingly nutty oil when red-ripe and a sharp tuscan style oil when harvested green…We are mixing the varieties in various percentages in order in envelope many different components in our oil…the tendency for the fruity yet rounded earthy, nutty, almond flavors when ripe is what we are attempting to impart into our oils.

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Cold Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil