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Please find below our list of current releases that you may add on to your existing order or request to substitute your default selections with.


  • Members may either add these wines to their current orders or chose to request a mix of these as substitutions.
  • The number of wines selected must equal the minimum bottles per your club tier.
  • All order modifications/substitutions must be submitted no later than October 28 to or 707-433-7427.
  • Any substitution requests received after your order has been billed will not be honored.


Sparkling Brut – Sonoma County $50.00

Rose of Merlot 2019 ‘Le Flirt’ Dry Creek Valley $30.00

Viognier 2019 Dry Creek Valley $35.00

Chardonnay 2018 Mountain Ranch Dry Creek Valley $40.00

Merlot 2017 Dry Creek Valley Le Sage $40.00

Notre Cadeau 2017 Gold Collection Dry Creek Valley $50.00

Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Quatrefoil DCV $50.00

Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 La Cime $52.00

Faux Pas 2017 Dry Creek Valley $55.00

Sans Egal 2017 Platinum Dry Creek Valley $70.00

Coteaux Sauvages 2017 Dry Creek Valley $65.00

Petit Verdot 2017 Dry Creek Valley $45.00

In observance of the holidays, our tasting room will be closed Thursday 11/25 thru Saturday 11/27, Thursday 12/22 thru Sunday 12/26, and Friday 12/31 thru Saturday 1/1. Happy Holidays!